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With a new year arriving, there comes the time where businesses set their minds to securing their success over the next 12 months.

For Virtuoso Legal, this means doing whatever we can to help our clients go from strength to strength.

A big part of planning and reviewing strengths and weaknesses within the business – and building upon both.

Intellectual Property is becoming increasingly central to the success of UK and international businesses.

Rock-solid IP is essential for businesses that:

  • Rely on their reputation, good will and brands
  • Export goods or services to different countries
  • Produce original creative works
  • Design
  • Have a strong digital presence, or produce digital services and products (e.g. websites or software)
  • Rely on trade secrets and special expertise which is vital to the business (and which would devastate it to lose)
  • Have a technical or technological core to the business
  • Hire freelancers to produce goods or services for them
  • Outsource or license production or distribution of goods or services
  • and much more.

In fact, well-protected intellectual property is critical to most businesses in the UK – (they just don’t know it yet)!

Virtuoso Legal are here to help.

To do this, we’ve created a quick and easy checklist for you to fill in – which will highlight key issues with your IP.

Send this back to us and we will help you deal with your IP priorities, before they become problems in 2018.

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