Trademark Portfolio Management

Do you have a large portfolio of Trade Marks or a handful of high value and well known brands?  If the answer is YES then our Trade Mark Portfolio Management Service is not one to be dismissed and we would be delighted to work with you.

This is a commercially aware service that we provide to our clients to protect and oversee their International IP portfolios.  The portfolios we look after nearly always include more than just Trade Marks.  We are entrusted with these portfolios due to our expertise as a boutique IP law firm.

We pride ourselves on delivering a superior service.  Virtuoso’s award winning solicitors offer the highest level of professional support.  Any portfolio matter we handle is assigned to a Senior IP expert within our team.

With an excellent track record of assisting clients in healthcare, retail and education and also supporting in-house legal departments we are able to take a unique approach when taking over any portfolio.  We are committed to preserving, protecting and adding value to your trade mark portfolio.  We always consider your present and future business needs, for instance by highlighting other areas for you to think about for your business development.  We take the risky and sometimes confusing burden away from you and carefully employ the best trade mark management strategies. This optimises your brand value and gives peace of mind.

Here are just a few further examples of how Virtuoso could support you in managing your Trade Mark and IP portfolio:

  • We believe in integrity and delivering commercial value. You can expect a cost-effective service and practical advice.  We tailor our work according to your situation.  We recognise that each business’s priorities will be different and we try to be as flexible as possible.  We help you prioritise what trade mark management activities you “must have now” and what you should have in the future, i.e. over the next 1 to 4 years.
  • Making sure your portfolio is in good order, we ensure correct ownership, registrations, renewals, recording assignments, watching and enforcement action are carried out promptly and efficiently.
  • If problems arise, we have a solid understanding of Opposition, Revocation and Invalidity proceedings in the Trade Mark Office.  Our comprehensive strategy helps you to make an immediate decision and help us help you to protect the registrations.
  • As portfolio management professionals we pride ourselves on being pro-active and always thinking outside the box to help our clients recognise their potential.  For example we identify gaps in your portfolio and highlight other potential avenues/markets and opportunities for you to explore thereby adding value to the business.
  • In order to be one step ahead of the game when it comes to protecting and enforcing your registrations, you need the intelligence to know what others are registering and using in the market place.  This makes our trade mark watching service a key strategic instrument.  It allows us to monitor online and offline activity; thereby alerting us to third party misuse at the earliest opportunity.
  • Efficient and effective advice is always given on new brand registrations.  By way of example we always undertake ‘identical’ and ‘similar’ clearance searches on your behalf in the first instance.  It is vital to eliminate conflicting marks as early as possible.
  • Virtuoso has experts within it’s team that can handle and resolve any contentious disputes.  We have represented many businesses in High Court and IPEC Court trade mark cases in the UK.
  • Virtuoso can manage the majority of trade mark registrations in-house collaboratively as a team.  If there is any requirement to call in specialised assistance from external sources such as IP valuation or overseas agents we have a network of established and reliable associates.

Virtuoso’s key contact for Trade Mark Portfolio Management is Kirsten Toft.

She can be contacted on 0113 4032102, or