Intellectual Property Solicitors

Virtuoso Legal: World Class Intellectual Property Solicitors, Flying in Formation

At Virtuoso Legal we are pride ourselves on having a compact and efficient team of intellectual property solicitors. By being dynamic, accessible and transparent – we exceed our client’s expectations every time.

On your matter, you get:


Expertise: Access to a team of high-profile solicitors with over 50 years specialist expertise in intellectual property.

Experience: Solicitors with experience working on complex and high value matters at top law firms and in industry – across all intellectual property matters.

Specialism: Assignment of a specialist with cutting edge expertise in your area; whether intellectual property: litigation, commercialisation or registration.

Partnership: Award-winning experts in partnership with you to achieve your agreed commercially driven outcomes; with costs clearly laid out before action.


Our team is recognised, time and again, as one of the best in the field of intellectual property solicitors. Each member of our team has been selected for their specific skills and experience.

We invite you to browse through our team profiles and use the contact details to get in touch.

Our world-class team of intellectual property solicitors:


Principal – Elizabeth Ward
Vice-principal – Kirsten Toft
Senior Solicitor – Philip Partington
Consultant – Yasmine Hashim
Consultant – Kate Reid
Consultant – John Burchill
Solicitor – Matthew Lingard
Trainee Solicitor – Lakmal Walawage


For more information about how we can help you, call:


0113 237 9900