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The Problem With Legal Training

We asked our business clients and in house Counsel if they wanted to know more about the best way to manage their key intangible assets such as their brands, technology and confidential information, they all said YES. But they then commented that:

  1. Finding the time to learn more was almost impossible. The problem is that time away from the office or going on line for an hour to listen to a webinar or podcast is often really difficult to do in a busy working day.
  1. Many people commented that much of the training available is dull, impractical and black letter law often delivered by academics. In other words it isn’t engaging, practical and delivered by leading practitioners.
  1. There is very little online education for business people and in house Counsel about the best way to strategise and manage intellectual property in business.
  1. None of the training available offers the use of a hotline to a team of acknowledged experts and checklists and tip sheets to use and download to keep you on track.
  1. Few of the courses include soft skills such as negotiation, budgeting, creating the right deal and mediation. In practice, few courses offer insights from leading commercial barristers and business people.

So we at Virtuoso Legal set about changing the landscape of online legal training about IP.

Welcome to the 10 Minute IP Training Academy. (Or perhaps an excuse to learn useful practical legal principles over tea and a biscuit 2 to 3 times a week!)

What we’ve created is really entertaining, practical online training delivered by leading intellectual property experts in short bursts – in fact about long enough to have a cup of tea and a biscuit. So you can power boost your knowledge on everything from how to deal with your brands as trade marks, through to how to identify what you need to know about IP in your company when you come to sell it. And of course, you’re learning from bona fide experts – we’re not just lawyers, we’re awarding winning experts at what we do and we’re passionate about creating IP value in your business for YOU to make money from. We’ve also put together a great list of presenters from leading barristers and soft skills trainers to commercial people, so you get a holistic insight into IP issues today.

Having whetted your appetite for something better, more useful and of huge value to your business then you’re probably asking what kind of an investment is this brilliant idea?

Well we offer a range of courses for you from basic video only courses at £149 plus VAT, through to an entire catalogue of IP topics in the form of membership of the IP Training Academy. The content here includes things such as the legal ins and outs of software contracts, licensing your ideas, to patent management and IP in employment contracts, as well as cheat sheets, heads of terms to negotiate with, tip sheets and a helpline to the Virtuoso Legal experts. Membership of the Academy is £1199 plus VAT for 12 months membership (or £120 plus VAT per month over 12 months).

For more information on our membership options please click here.

This training isn’t just for in-house Counsel – it’s also useful to anyone associated and responsible for IP in business.

We also do bespoke training either by Skype or in person – costs vary.

Want to know more?

Please contact either Elizabeth Ward or Martin Hendry for more information about our courses.

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